By Jack King. suddenly leaves space on his schedule for the kind of heavy-lifting (and publicity duties) demanded by playing Ian Flemings legendary spy. James Bond producer, Michael G. Wilson, has revealed the next actor to take on the 007 mantle will be in their 30s. Another fan favorite to takeover the franchise has beenAvengersstarTom Hiddleston,41. Hes a very different physical specimen to Daniel Craig, stringy and slightly elfin rather than butch and chunky, and that could be a bit of a draw to the Bond suits wholl likely be keen to draw a line between the post-Bourne Bond years and whatever the new one turns into. James Norton. Then theres the general sense of Bond-ishness: Connery "moved like a jungle cat," as Cubby's wife Dana Broccoli put it, and that sense of muscular virility has been an essential part of each Bond actor on screen. After that I was taken upstairs and I met Barbara Broccoli and Martin Campbell, the director at the time. Will that represent James Bond and James Kirk sharing a screen? He knows his way around a suit too. James Bond Producer Shares 007 Casting Update: 'It's Going to Take Some Time' to Replace Daniel Craig . . He's old enough now, but that witless contribution to the discussion about how #MeToo has changed dating a few years ago might bar him. Sharing a black and white photo of the typewriter, with a piece of paper reading '5th October 2022 . Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the latest star to see his name at the head of the betting after a flurry of interest from punters over the last two days, notes Alex Apati of UK bookmakers Ladbrokes. Harvey Young's vote for the next James Bond goes to Riz Ahmed of Sound of Metal and Venom. "They need to really go with a reinvention of it in a different way". Remember, Bonds already a veteran. The Next James Bond Novel Has Been Announced, Along With Its Title And Release Date. (Do track down Live Wire if you can. Daniel Craig stepped down from the role after 2021s No Time To Die.. And, perhaps as importantly, he seems like an actor in search of a real calling card role. He helped turbo-charge Mad Max: Fury Road, despite having about seven words to say, and his suave spy in Inception was a stellar 007 audition. In 2005, the actor missed out on a Casino Royale role, given to Daniel Craig instead.. At 6'3, he'd be the tallest Bond yet too. Related. And you can see why. We love him, you love him, the Bond hierarchy love him. Its hard to find a character more iconic than James Bond. Another curveball, but the former Peter Parker has the thespy cred, the dashing looks and the flair for tailoring which a sneaky run for Bond can make. If you believe the bookmakers, hes now the hot favourite to play Bond. Nowadays, celebrities have whole armies at their disposal, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to land their favourite star a coveted role. Most of his best work so far has been on the stage or small screen hes currently playing a proper wrongun in the BBCs crime series, although he put in an eye-catching performance in 2020s Stalin-era journalism drama, star has been linked with the role since long before it was actually available. 2019 at 11:23am ET. With Daniel Craig no longer playing James Bond, if the plots from his movies continue, Lashana can surely keep the story going as the all-new 007. The problem is, he doesn't really want it. Hollywood Life Now that IO Interactive (IOI) has wrapped up Hitman: World of Assassination, it's moving on to the next logical step: a James Bond game.But the studio is also moving in a more surprising . Give it a watch! He's pushing 43, so probably a non-starter on age grounds anyway, and he's a little light on heavyweight character pieces in fact, if we're being brutally honest, he's a bit light on good films in general over the last six or seven years. Lashana Lynch,35, has already made history as the first Black woman to take up the 007 codename. Think about it. Here we judge who could and should become the next James Bond. Whether they also have to be crazy enough, arrogant enough, confident enough, ambitious enough to walk out of the role after one film, call Bond a brute, grow a beard and declare that, "Peace that's the message now," and watch their attempt to elbow their way into the New Hollywood generation fall flat remains to be seen. But he can't for now, at least be a woman. When British actor Damson Idris was stopped on the red carpet for the season five premiere of US crime drama Snowfall in February (its good! He seemed to be the Clive Owen de nos jours. Traditionally, its been a role which elevates actors to the A-list rather than being an A-list vehicle. If the Welshman were to follow fellow countryman Timothy Dalton into the DB5, he'd be in the running for the title of Most Outrageously Tonked Up James Bond Ever. The most common length of time between the announcement of a new James Bond actor and the release of their first movie is roughly one year. Suave, charming and a big cricket lover, Dan Stevens seems like the kind of James Bond that Ian Fleming might have cast. While he's not done a big actioner yet he's built like a brick outhouse and a role in the next Guardians of the Galaxy film should sharpen that up. The actor has been rumored to take over the franchise in the past, but a source close to producer Barbara BroccolitoldPage Six in 2017 that she didnt think he was the right fit. Knives Out 3: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Film So Far. According to new reports, we have finally found a James Bond worthy enough to succeed the wonderful Daniel Craig, and it's a woman! Conversely, there are actors (Henry Cavill, Sam Heughan) who make no secret of how much they really, really want the role, and speak about it openly with reverence. Craig, who took over as Bond from Pierce Brosnan in 2006, was 38 years old, and went on to appear in four 007 films in total. He's just about the right age if Eon get their skates on too. It's a question that's been on the lips of the film industry's kingmakers since Daniel Craig first discussed hanging up his tuxedo . #AnnounceNorton. Weve tried looking at younger people in the past, when we had a chat with him a couple of years back, It's crazy. Daniel Craig's final James Bond film, "No Time to Die," is finally due to have its world premiere in the U.K. later this week, but Craig's replacement won't be announced anytime soon . Daniel Craig confirmed No Time To Die was his last movie. Although he may not have been the right fit in 2017, fans have still rode hard for Tom, and he was asked about the rumors again in an April interview withEmpireMagazine. And aside from the seismic impact of casting an actor of colour as James Bond, Page is a fast-rising performer whose magnetism will be on show on the big screen this summer in. Performances in London and on Broadway in Angels in America cemented him as a Proper Actor as well as a very charming screen presence, and that's the kind of combo that's fairly rare to find in someone who's roughly the right age to become Bond. "It was the origin story of James Bond. We do have a proper iron rule here too: nobody over 40 is getting near the role. James Bond is one of the most popular characters of all-time, and hes been played by a wide-array of actors. The Danish studio I think thats fairly normal and Im flattered to be in the category of Brits that people have noticed., Click to Subscribe to Get Our Free HollywoodLife Daily Newsletter, Rami Malek & Girlfriend Lucy Boynton: Everything To Know About James Bond Stars Romantic History, Bond Girls: Meet The Badass Beauties Who Starred Alongside Iconic 007 Then & Now, No Time To Die: Bond Series Introduces First Female 007 In New Trailer For Daniel Craigs Last Film In Franchise, Knives Out 3: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Film So Far, Beautiful Nature-Inspired Baby Names Used By Celebrity Parents, Did Vanderpump Rules Tom Cheated on Ariana With Raquel? But my god: Paul Mescal is veeeeeery good. A post shared by James Norton (@jginorton). With Hitman's freelancer mode in the rear-view mirror and an upcoming James Bond game boiling away somewhere behind the scenes, IO Interactive has revealed yet another project. He isnt some kid out of high school that you can bring in and start off. Bit of a curveball, to be quite honest. The former Ross Poldark keeps edging back to the top of the betting again after a couple of years drifting toward the back of the pack. Check out some of the favored stars here! Hed be great. The one-woman campaign for his Oscar starts here! The post-Avatar 2 Bond years? What's not to like? It was strange, as they didnt want to talk about Bond, but they talked about Bond. And, most of all, there must be some kind of Hollywood by-law barring anyone from the Fast and Furious saga appearing in Bond. If suddenly staring very hard at something out of frame like a spaniel who's just caught scent of some fox poo two fields away is a key performance indicator for a Bond hopeful, then Bodyguard gave Madden ample opportunity to flaunt his suitability and pick up a Golden Globe while he was at it. The Bond bosses tend to take each new incarnation in a different direction, after all so why not upwards? James Norton Welcome To James Bond | Insane Skills | Goals | Assists HD. So, you know, I'm just putting that out there. Up to now he's mostly done a mixture of think-y period pieces (Mr Malcolm's List, Mothering Sunday, The Halcyon) and slightly dystopian dramas (Silent Night, Tides) with one of the best British horrors of recent years thrown in too (His House, which he's pictured starring in above). Scratch a bit deeper, though, and theres a darker edge to the one-time Downton Abbey actor. He's got stage experience and Barbara Broccoli is a big stage patron but he's not done anything for about 15 years or so, and there's nothing like a cinematic calling card in his filmography to date. Idris Elba, after the famous Bond quote. They left the project in August of the same year over creative differences reportedly over Boyles insistence that they kill off Bond, which we know now to be a heap of nonsense. Six actors have played the iconic role: Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Aussie George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service and of course Craig. Clive Standen feels like a bit of an outsider at this point, regardless of his odds. Actor | The Fall. Absolutely mad.). Eventually, when we have to think about it, well find the right person.". And as weve mentioned previously, its probably time to get a Short King in the role (Daniel Craig, at 5 foot 10, is the shortest to take on the role so far.). Theres precedent for an Irish Bond in Pierce Brosnan, and of the mooted Irishmen who've been and gone in the running Cillian Murphy and Michael Fassbender being the others Turners the one with the best shot. Ever since Daniel Craig announced that he would be turning in the tuxedo and putting down the martini glass, the race has been on to decide who will be chosen as the next James Bond. He also shared an awks selfie of him and Daniel Craig at an award show in 2019, clearly having fun with the rumors. Bond "should be British, Broccoli said in 2021, and added that British can be any [ethnicity or race]". Aaron Taylor-Johnson has reportedly emerged as a favorite for the role. "Would I play Bond? "I had a meeting, after or during Spider-Man 2 [Far From Home], with Sony to pitch this idea of a young Bond film that Id come up with," Holland told Total Film. On 15th September 2022, Ian Fleming revealed that there would be an announcement on 5th October, calling it James Bond Day. He's one to keep an eye on, though. Hes also, in case you hadnt noticed, stupidly handsome. However, he may lose a little cool kudos as the campaign was started by his own grandmother. Then again, a conversation around the new Bond can hardly not involve Hardys name. When the idea of being Bond was put to him by the Hollywood Reporter he dodged it admirably: "What are the odds on that? Two: He . Which brings us to Tom Holland, a man with one of the largest and most vocal fanbases on social media. joke and it reflects more on you than it does on Tom Hopper. Sources have claimed that theNocturnal Animalsstar sat down with Bond producerBarbara Broccolifor a meeting which went well, according toPuck News. While Craig was filming Casino Royale, there were rumblings about him becoming the new 007 . Its hard to know what youre going to get from an actor when you ask them The Big Bond Question. I mean, yeah perfect, I think we're actors, you know, so maybe you can mix it up a little bit.. Published: Friday, 1st October 2021 at 12:10 pm. He's said as much in the past too: "I don't know what I would like to play," he admitted in a 2016 roundtable, "but I know what I'm afraid of playing: those big studio movies.". Theres not even been the slightest bit of buzz about him, though that might just be because nobodys put him in a tux for a photoshoot just yet. Is he a genuine contender? The next James Bond is set to be a younger actor who will stick around for at least three films. And he'd be the first Jewish Bond too. In the same way that everyone always loses their marbles when a beautiful man wears a suit, he's been mentioned as a possible Bond and is hovering around 50/1 in the betting currently. Another new runner, and another one from Scotland, the Borders-raised Lowden is only 32 and in the prime slot for a grooming into the next 007. "James Bond can be of . "There is no truth behind it. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! So, here we are at last. Suspend the betting right this instant. These are the frontrunners. So, you know, its very nice to be in that conversation, you know, among betting websites.". Also working perfectly in his favour is his age. So yes: that means James Bond can be non-white. At some point in the not-too-distance future, white smoke will come billowing out of EONs metaphorical chimney and the identity of the new 007 will be revealed. Alberto E. Rodriguez. Hmm? Over the last decade Bond has reorientated to make itself a quietly progressive force, firstly casting Jeffrey Wright as CIA agent Felix Leiter, and then bringing Naomie Harris' Eve Moneypenny out of her former life spent in M's anteroom watching Bond throw his hat across the room, and sending her into the field. chattanooga obituaries archives,
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